House Of Cards season 2 is ‘shocking and dangerous’ contrary to what new stills may suggest


Robin Wright as Clair Underwood - House of Cards (Picture: AP/Netflix) The Underwoods are in for a rough ride in series two (Picture: AP/Netflix)

Kate Mara has assured anxious House Of Cards’ fans that the show’s second series is ‘surprising, shocking and very dangerous’ right from the off.

All 13 episodes will be available to watch on Netflix at 8.01am tomorrow morning and Mara, who plays Frank Underwood’s onetime lover and political journalist Zoe Barnes, says fans won’t be disappointed.

She said: ‘Season two picks up right where we left off, which is cool. For a lot of people it will be a very surprising start to the season. We certainly don’t wait to get into things.

‘Stuff happens right away, you don’t have to wait a couple of episodes to get the ball rolling. It really is surprising and shocking and very dangerous right off the bat.’

Nevertheless, if the preview stills are anything to go by we’re in for lots…

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